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Volunteer Jobs Description and Point Value

To complete your volunteer requirement you must work at a minimum of three meets plus help with the car wash. Your participation is critical for the meets to run smoothly and your children to have a great day. 

If your child is selected to compete at the Meet of Champs or All Star Meet, you will be required to volunteer at those events as well.


Number in parenthesis indicates how many volunteers are needed.

Concessions Supervisor (1)

Keeps track of supplies needed. Arranges purchasing of supplies as well as delivery of the supplies to the pool area. Works with concessions team during home meets.

Treat Supplier the day after an away meet (1)

Bring donuts to practice for the team on the days following each away meet. You will be given an amount and they must be dropped off 15 minutes before the first practice starts. (You will be reimbursed - bring receipts).


Ice and Breakfast Purchaser (1)

Buys 10 large bags of ice from Katy Hardware (team sponsor) the morning of the meet. Also, buys coffee, tacos, and donuts the day of the meet and delivers them early. Concession coordinator will tell you where to purchase food and how much. (Will be reimbursed - submit receipts.)

Tent Crew (2)

Arrive 1 hour early. Help set up tents, and if a home meet set up any chairs, benches and concession tables. At half time, remove canopy for 6-and-unders. After meet, take down team tents and return pool area to organized condition, if it’s our own.

Volunteer Check-in (2)

Arrive 45 min. early to check in the parent volunteers. Confirm their position and give them their supplies. After meet collect and organize clipboards and supplies for next meet.

Water Delivery and Wall Posting (1)

Bring 2 cases of water and periodically wheel around cooler to deliver cold water bottles to all working volunteers. In addition, tape results throughout the meet on the wall.

Age Group Parent– (Arrive 45 minutes prior to the meet start time – and stay until every swimmer in your assigned age group finishes swimming)

Take roll of all swimmers as they arrive. Continue to stay with swimmers throughout the day keeping them together as a group, organized and orderly. This volunteer will inform the swimmers of their events, their assigned lanes, and take the swimmers to the ready bench area when these events are called. Swimmers must be lined up in the appropriate lane in the Ready Bench area before the volunteer can leave to watch the event. The Age Group Parent Volunteer will be provided a heat sheet (list of all the events in the meet) to assist in lining up the swimmers. Attention must be paid to relays because there are 4 swimmers in each lane. We prefer parents sign up for the age group of their own swimmer in order to be close to them during the swim meet.


Event Flip Chart Turner (1)

Works with the Starter. Manipulates the flip chart which helps timers, parents and swimmers keep up with events.

Meet Bop Operator (1)

Must have a charged cell phone. This person will use their phone and stand by the pool. They will update which Event and Heat are currently in the water. This update will then communicate to other meet personnel and parents which events are in progress. Please download "Meet Bop" to your phone prior to arriving at the meet.

Head Timer (1) – WHALe Required Position

Standing poolside, you will start a stopwatch with each heat, acting as a backup timer. Looking at the lane timers, if any of them have their hand raised, signaling their watch has a problem, you deliver your watch to them.

Lane Timer (5) – WHALe Required Position

Sits at the end of a designated lane and times the swimmer with a manual stopwatch or a Dolphin electronic stopwatch from the moment the race is started to the touch at the finish, then records the time on a timing slip. It is a great way to see your swimmer!

Timing Sheet Runner (1) – WHALe Required Position

Collects timing sheets when completed and takes them to the console operator.

Ribbon Table (3)

Two will sit near the scoring table, apply printed labels to the appropriate ribbons, and sort into age group. One will deliver ribbons to appropriate age group parents.

Ready Bench (4)

The Ready Bench volunteer will inform the swimmers of their events, their assigned lanes, and greet the swimmers at the ready bench area when these events are called. Swimmers must then be lined up or verified to be in the appropriate lane at the Ready Bench area before the start of each event. The Ready Bench Volunteer will be provided a heat sheet (list of all the events in the meet) to assist in lining up the swimmers. The Ready Bench Volunteer must know where their swimmers are at all times.

Concessions (3)

Helps with setup and sales, and cleanup.

Floater (1)

Put me in, coach! I will help wherever you need me! Expect to work any position needed.


These jobs are required by the league, and without these positions filled, we cannot have a meet. Certification can be done online – it involves watching a video provided by the WHALe league and is good for 2 years.

Console Operator (1) – Online training takes 45-60 minutes

Tiger would like 4 trained Console Operators

Revises heats prior to meet. Provides heat sheets as needed. Sits under a canopy at a table with a scorer from the opposing team in view of the finish end of the pool. Operate the Dolphin Wireless console and the Meet Manager software to import the times from the electronic stop watches. Overrides with averages or backup manual time as needed.

Starter (1) – Online training takes ~60 minutes

Tiger would like 3 trained Starters

Announces start of meet, intermission, and end of meet on the PA system.

Standing poolside, the Starter calls the swimmers up, announces which heat is next, directs the swimmers to ‘take your mark’, checks with the timers and console operators that they are ready, uses a starting buzzer to start the race, signals any false starts, then clears the pool lanes after each heat.

Referee (1) – Online training takes ~60 minutes

Tiger would like 3 trained Referees

Reviews procedures with the judges, timers and coaches prior to a meet. Conveys infractions noted by judges to timing sheets.Clears the pool following a race, discusses protests and questions from head coaches, works with Starter and Scoring Console to keep race on schedule. Must be familiar with rules and strokes.

Stroke and Touch/Turn Judges  – Online training takes ~60 min.

Tiger would like 12 trained Judges

Stroke Judge watches for the correct stroke mechanics of a swimmer during the race. Reports incorrect strokes or kicks to the Referee. See details below.

Touch/turn judge watches for the correct touch and turn by swimmers during a race. Responsible for the first stroke out on a start, the turn and the last stroke/touch at the wall. Reports incorrect mechanics for start, touches or turns to the Referee.



Vice President




Volunteer Coordinator

We Thank You Very Much!

Without Volunteers there is no swim team!

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