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Coach Responsibilities and Expectations

TIGER Swim Club - Coach Agreement
Responsibilities and Expectations

The following terms must be met to ensure and maintain employment:

1. Be available for pre-season meetings with the Head Coach and Board members.
2. Certification required: Lifeguard Training or WSI, CPR and Community First Aid to be turned in by April 1, 2019
3. Attend all fundraisers, scheduled practices, meets, Championships and the team awards dinner unless precluded by illness, or excused with prior permission.
4. Familiarize yourself with the daily workout plan, and assist in carrying it out.
5. Maintain a positive and supportive attitude toward the other members of the coaching staff, swimmers of all ability, TIGER Swim Club Board Members and parents.
6. Uphold the ideals and abide by all rules, governing the WHALe Swim League and TIGER Swim Club.
7. Submit all requested TIGER Swim Club and WHALe paperwork in a timely manner.
8. Maintain a high standard of speech, dress, and behavior, which would be generally required in any business setting.
9. And absolutely NO distractions**

All Coaches are expected to:

  • REPORT TO YOUR ASSIGNED DUTY LOCATIONS OR STATIONS 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF ANY LESSON, PRACTICE OR MEET. Any coach with a conflict or problem preventing them from doing so should communicate with the head coach in advance of the conflict/situations permit.
  • Practice with your scheduled group
  • Provide a positive, encouraging, and challenging atmosphere in which all swimmers, regardless of ability, may improve their skills
  • Treat all swimmers with equal care and concern, regardless of ability
  • As appropriate, physically enter the water to instruct and assist swimmers who may need it
  • Assist with daily workouts including setting up the pool for practices
  • Assist as needed in setting up for all home meets
  • Attend team social events whenever possible
  • Help plan and participate in the end-of-the-year awards dinner

**Distractions include, but are not limited to:

- sending, receiving, acknowledging, or checking for any kind of calls, messages, or communications on a cellphone or other device;

- listening to music or other audio files or viewing any kind of video displays other than recorded video to share with a swimmer or swimmer group for the sole purpose of instruction or education or feedback;

- visiting, talking, or otherwise communicating with anyone other than TIGER Swim Club swimmers or coaches during specified and assigned coaching time periods;

- anything that detracts from the coach's focus and/or attention on his/her group or other specifically assigned tasks.

If there is a question, check with the head coach for clarification FIRST.

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Practices will be held Monday - Thursday at 

Katy High School Natatorium

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May 27th - Last day of School

May 31st - Memorial Day

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