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Code of Conduct

Katy Tiger parents and swimmers must conduct themselves in an exemplary manner that is non-disruptive to the team and any opponents during all practices, meets and team functions. Coach’s and board member's instructions must be followed without argument or disrespect. If a swimmer or parent is disruptive or disrespectful during practice, a meet or at a team function they will be given a warning and asked to leave. Any problems at swim meets will be brought to the Katy Tiger Board President who will then best advise the next course of action. No complaints will be brought directly to a coach or a volunteer, even if it’s a questionable judge’s call.
If a parent has a problem with another parent’s child they need to go to either the Katy Tiger Board President or Katy Tiger Board Vice-President. Any direct confrontation with other parent(s) will be considered disrespectful, in direct violation of the Code of Conduct and parents/swimmers will promptly be asked to leave.
The following list is an example of the types of behavior that will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action: 

(a) theft or destruction of places and/or objects

(b) any illegal or extremely offensive behavior

(c) the possession, use, or sale/distribution of any controlled or illegal substance or any form of weapon

(d) sexual misconduct 

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive and may be expanded at any time by the Katy Tiger Board.
Depending on the severity of the offense disciplinary action shall be addressed as follows:

(1) Removal from the current meet;
(2) Suspension from the next meet or additional meets this season or next season;
(3) Suspension from Meet of Champs and/or All-Stars Meet this season or next season;
(4) Suspension for the remainder of the season or the next season; or
(5) Expulsion from Katy Tiger. Upon notification of the offense the Katy Tiger Board will notify the parent/swimmer in question, a warning will be given and they will be asked to leave. If a second occurrence is noted or if the board deems the offense is in need of a more severe consequence, the Katy Tiger Board will vote on the appropriate course of action from the above disciplinary actions as stated above.

No refunds will be given for dismissal from the Katy Tiger Swim Team and volunteer payment will be processed if minimum points have not been met.

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