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Team Handbook

1. Every swimmer must be capable of swimming at least one length of the pool unassisted to be eligible for Tiger Swim Club (TSC). TSC is a competitive swim team and not swim lessons. If it is determined that a swimmer is not ready to compete with TSC, the swimmer’s registration fee will be refunded in full and they are invited to come back next year. No refunds will be given for swim suits, goggles, towels, etc. so make these purchases with that in mind.

2. Parents are asked not to talk to coaches during practice or meets. Practice time is limited each day and our coaches have many swimmers to work with. If you have questions or concerns, please contact a member of the TSC Board, not a coach.

3. TSC is a voluntary organization and cannot function without your support. Please note volunteer requirements are completed using a point system.  A total number of 5 pts is required, preferably over the course of 3 different swim meets. The following is a break down how points can be accrued:

Car wash - 1pt per family (easy, fun way to earn a point)

Picture Day - 1 pt per volunteer position

Certified Judge (stroke & turn)*, Certified Starter*, Certified Referee*, Certified Console Operator*, Certified Head Timer* - .5 pt for becoming certified

Home meets - *Certified positions 2.5 pt, Non Certified position 1.5 pt, Concession Stand Supervisor and Ready Bench, Volunteer Coordinator 2 pt

Away meets - *Certified positions 2pt,Non Certified position 1pt, Ready Bench and Volunteer Coordinator 1.5 pt

As before, if your child is selected to compete at the Meet of Champs, or All Star Meet, you will be required to volunteer at that time as well.

We require a $150 draft authorization volunteer deposit at the time of registration. Your volunteer credits will be recorded and your draft authorization will be released at the end of the season. If you do not meet your volunteer requirements, your authorization will be drafted at the end of the season. If you are unable to volunteer, or choose not to volunteer, you may forfeit your volunteer deposit at the beginning of the season. Your draft will be authorized, and you will not be called or asked to volunteer in any capacity during the regular season. However, please note that it takes approximately 60 TSC volunteers to run each meet. We prefer you volunteer.

4. All decisions made for swimmers will be made by the coaches and their decision is final. All swimmers will be allowed to swim freestyle and backstroke at every meet. Beyond that, your swimmer may swim any heat, or any additional stroke, or none at all at the discretion of the coaches. Your swimmer is expected to attend all practices and meets possible. Excessive absences may disqualify your swimmer from upcoming meets. Swimmers must have competed in a minimum of two dual meets during the season to qualify for the Meet of Champs and the All Star Meet. Swimmers will sign up for each meet using their SwimTopia account.

5. Parents and swimmers must be able to conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive to the team during all practices and meets. Instructions by coaches and board members need to be followed without argument or disrespect. If a swimmer or parent is disruptive or disrespectful during practice or a meet, they will be given a warning and asked to leave. If a second occurrence is noted, the board will vote on the eligibility of your swimmer to stay on the TSC team for the remainder of the season. No refunds will be given for dismissal from the team.

6. Swimmers age 8 years old or under must have a parent or guardian present at all practices and meets. The parent must be inside the building.

7. All swimmers should wear our TSC team swimsuit for all meets. The suit is available for purchase from A-Gleam Swimwear at 414 West Grand Parkway South, Suite 120 - look for the tower that says "Speedo." The girl's swimsuit is $40 and the boy's jammer is $31.

8. I have had an opportunity to review the Tiger Swim Club By-Laws at registration or electronically on the TSC website . I understand I may request a written copy of the Tiger Swim Club By-Laws at any time. I/my Swimmer agree to abide by the TSC By-Laws and understand that a swimmer may be asked to leave the team if the By-Laws are not adhered to.

9. Registration fees will not be refunded under normal circumstances. Refunds may be considered with unanimous approval of the full Board in hardship cases. A refund must be requested in writing prior to the first swim meet. Partial refunds may be approved in cases where the member can no longer fulfill the requirements of the team. All refund requests after the first swim meet will be rejected.

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