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Volunteer Point Values

TSC is a voluntary organization and cannot function without your support. As such, volunteer hours are required to support the team. Volunteers are given an opportunity to signup to earn volunteer points. A $150 draft authorization volunteer deposit is required at the time of registration to ensure volunteer requirements are completed by the end of the swim season. It takes approximately 60 TSC volunteers to run each meet.

  • A total number of 5 pts is required to fulfill your volunteer obligation.
    • You are required to fulfill your 5 pts over the course of 3 different swim meets.
    • If your child is selected to compete at the Meet of Champs or All Star Meet, you will be required to volunteer for those events as well.
  • A $150 draft authorization volunteer deposit is required at the time of registration.
    • Your volunteer credits will be recorded and your draft authorization will be released at the end of the season upon completion of your obligation.
    • If you do not meet your 5 pt volunteer requirements, your authorization will be drafted at that time.
    • If you are unable to volunteer, or choose not to volunteer, you may forfeit your volunteer deposit at the beginning of the season. Your draft will be authorized, and you will not be called or asked to volunteer in any capacity during the regular season.
Car wash 1 pt
Picture Day 1 pt
Certified Judge (stroke & turn)*, Certified Starter*, Certified Referee*, Certified Console Operator*, Certified Head Timer .5 pt for becoming certified
Home meets - *Certified positions (for the whole meet) 2.5 pt
Home meets - Non-certified position 1.5 pts
Away meets - *Certified positions (for the whole meet) 2 pt
Away meets - Non-certified position 1 pt
Ready Bench, Volunteer Coordinator 1.5 pt
Concession Stand Supervisor, Ready Bench, Volunteer Coordinator 2 pt
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