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How your support directly impacts the team

Celebrating its 35th year, Katy’s “Tiger Swim Club” was a founding member of West Houston Aquatic League (WHALe) in 1985. Today, we are a part of a growing association of 34 teams with more than 4,000 swimmers!

Tiger Swim Club, TSC, is looking for sponsors to support its summer season. This summer looks to be an exciting year! And, like every year, it’s our sponsors that make being a part of a swim team possible for approximately 120 swimmers.

We represent more than just a neighborhood, we represent a community. Area residents from all Katy area neighborhoods have enjoyed having a swim team that represents a proud TIGER history. Registration for TSC is open to all swimmers, ages 4 - 18 years old, including special needs children with the ability to swim.

TSC is unique in that it is not sponsored by a neighborhood HOA pool but must bear the added expense of a private pool facility. TSC swimmers practice at the Katy High School Natatorium. This added expense, costing thousands of dollars each month, requires that TSC seek sponsorships in order to continue providing a winning edge, through both competitive coaching and the facility rental.

If you are interested in sponsoring Tiger Swim Club, please view the below attachments for sponsorship levels. We thank you for your interest! 

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